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New River Gorge Bridge

35 Yesterday we drove through West Virginia and stopped for some photos. It makes my #35 US State on this blog. One more under the belt. I have been to West Virginia many times, mostly for white water rafting, but … Continue reading

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East Washington

South east part of Washington state is popular with photographers for its unique and beautiful landscapes. Seems like endless rolling hills are planted with different types of crops and produce very nice patterns of different colors. We were there last … Continue reading

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Friday Mystery Photo

We did a day trip to this place for some hiking and during this day had nice sunshine, a bit of rain and some nice snow showers. We listened to some folks talking about their super earthy and green yoga … Continue reading

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San Francisco Bay Sunrise

Its been now couple years since I have been to San Francisco and I miss that area a bit. Not sure when I get a chance to be there again, hopefully not too long from now.

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Arc de Triomphe

I wish I had my little fitbit thingy when I was in Paris, because I walked and walked, have no idea how many miles I put around there in a few days. By the end of the day my feet … Continue reading

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Hike to Baker lake

Took this while hiking to the Baker Lake in Montana, nice little hike on the way to a beautiful lake.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Keep it short today, just want to post this photo and see if anyone can name the street… Weekend Update: thanks everyone for stopping by! As many of you, some using impressive detective skills, identified the place – it is … Continue reading

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