Montana National Bison Range

We survived three days of wedding celebrations over the long weekend. Now back to all normal, work and not as much partying, maybe just a little.

We did a drive through the Montana National Bison Range and one of the top spots went on a little hike. Across the small valley opened this nice view. I setup the camera and waited for a few minutes secretly hoping that some type of wild life comes out from that little patch, like a big bear or some grey wolves or something.

Click me!!!

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8 Responses to Montana National Bison Range

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Very beautiful with al those different colors of green.

  2. Gracie says:

    Wow, incredible view!

  3. I love living in Montana!

  4. dianaed2013 says:

    Like the viewpoint

  5. Truels says:

    What a view! And a nice photo 🙂

  6. E.D. says:

    stunning view and what good luck to visit.. eve

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