Friday Mystery Photo

For folks in US, any cool plans for the Memorial Day weekend? Extra day is always nice to have. We are going for a two, well, almost three day wedding extravaganza. It starts on Saturday evening and ends on Monday afternoon. That is going to be interesting.

I took this photo in early September with all those water lilies or whatever they are in full bloom and size. In May it is pretty much empty, at least of any flowers, there are probably a lot of different fishes there at the moment.

Where is it?

Weekend Update: We have a winner! Many great guesses on the location of this beautiful place, and it might look like that in those places as well, but anyonecantakeapicture suggested the right one, it is one of the ponds at the Biltmore Estate. By the end of summer they are full with nice vegetation and a lot of little frogs on them as well. I tried to take some shots with frogs, but did not turn out any good, they are tiny, like maybe half an inch frogs, seating on those flat surfaces and waiting for some bugs to eat.

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  1. I’m sure every place that you folks suggested has similar ponds, but this one happen to be in at Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC.

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