Cape Henlopen Light House

As you know I’m on a quest to visit all 50 states and post at least one photo from each on the blog. A few days ago I did a “sunset run” all the way to the Cape Henlopen in Delaware. I showed up there about 10 minutes before sunset and was able to take a few photos, including this one. Six hours of driving for couple photos. As you can see I’m very serious about my quest to get them all under my belt. So this makes it 33 in total. A few more to go.

Btw, it was already almost 90F, middle of May, bugs and mosquitoes were in full annoying strength of biting and blood sucking power. Get ready for summer!

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13 thoughts on “Cape Henlopen Light House

      1. I never really thought about that you could see the lighthouse from the shore. I have only seen it while riding the ferry from Delaware to Cape May (which is wonderful at sunset I might add). 🙂

        1. I saw that ferry leaving Lewes and going to Cape May, even took a photo with it and the light house. nice short cut from Delaware to NJ!

        2. Yes, we have taken the ferry with our van that way a few times after vacations in North Carolina. It is a great break from driving (takes about an hour) and at the end, we are in NJ!

  1. And yet there are those who would say this is a boring photo, would be an indifferent painting, because there are no people and there’s nothing happening in it.

    The sunset is happening in it. The sea is happening in it.

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