Flat Iron

In a few weeks I’ll be driving through NYC and will try to stop at B&H store. I want to see Sony A7R camera in person. I could rent and test it for a longer time, and I might do that, but first having it in my hands for a few minutes to get a feel for it would be nice. Also, I just like to stop by that store and see bunch of other good stuff.

I won’t be able to spend much time in the city and do any sight seeing, like the Flat Iron Building.

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12 thoughts on “Flat Iron

  1. Glorious! You captured it well! Never thought about renting a camera for test purposes. Interesting (I need to start thinking out of the box).

  2. Superb! It almost looks like you photoshopped the building into the picture – the details of the building are so clear, from the top to the bottom. From time to time, my daughter rents lenses, not from B&H but from somewhere closer to us in NJ.

    1. I usually rent from the BorrowLenses (there is a link on the right side), I can pick it up from different locations, or they ship it to my house. Easy and painless.

  3. Great photo of the Flatiron building! I love going into B&H, too… I always compare it to Santa’s workshop because there are so many people working there and especially because of those conveyor belts carrying all those goodies!!

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