Friday Mystery Photo

Locks of Love

I have seen them before on some bridges but never in this quantity. Both sides of the bridge were fully covered in all these locks, got to have at least million of them there, which means at least half million couples declared their forever love and tossed away the key into the waters below. Hmm, the mystery is for sure will remain, how many of them are still together…

Where do you think this was taken? Have you put one of these somewhere as well?

Weekend update: Well, well, well, most of you got it right – it is in Paris. To be more precise, it is right behind the Notre Dame Cathedral on the Pont De L’Archeveche bridge.

Click me!!!

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27 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. You beat me to it. Was going to post one similar tomorrow. Dont know where that bridge is (would suspect a Spanish speaking country) but have seen them in many countries in the world. And of course, the eternal mystery …. what happened to the couples.

  2. Viki Moore says:

    First time I saw it was in Italy – Florence to be precise. Wow there are heaps in this photo!! Thankfully this trend hasn’t yet taken off in New Zealand

  3. kazg10 says:

    Looks like the ?Pont des arts Paris or at least Paris. I have taken a few photos of these and cant resist anytime I’m there. I only wish I had a lock on the bridge as well!

  4. Alexa says:

    hmmm….maybe Cologne (Keulen) in Germany? I was there a few years ago, but I didn’t see so dense amount of this locks…

  5. Alba Marie says:

    Bridges filled with love locks are in every city in Europe, but I’m going to go with Paris because the sheer quantity!

  6. Rusha Sams says:

    We saw locks like this in Russia but they were on “trees” designed just for this tradition. I don’t think this picture would have been taken there, but I guess it could have. Our travel guide told us that about 55% of the marriages fail. Could be true. I don’t know.

  7. uthamz says:

    Looks like Paris – Sienne to be more precise.


  8. judieth says:

    Mmmm.. Think that in Krakow, Poland. hadn’t gone, but ı know it is there. ıs it right? 🙂

  9. Dina says:

    I suppose it’s Paris. I made a post about the ones in Cologne (Hohenzollernbrücke near Hyatt). They are supposedly the top of the lists today, but it’s not on both sides of the bridge.
    Love from Norway, Dina – here it’s not such a custom… 🙂

  10. Al says:

    Is it Belgium?

  11. natuurfreak says:

    I think it’s Paris.I saw there..a full bridge. But can be also in other places because you see it the last time very much all over the world.

  12. Glittermoon says:

    Pairs! Just behind Notre Dame. I was just there!

  13. vydnic says:

    It is a bridge in Paris, it is a famous bridge.
    And it has copies all over the world, at least I saw bridges with locks in other places, but not so many as on these.
    I remember a bridge with a few locks in Meppen Germany

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