Blood Moon

Another photo taken with my Lumia 1020 phone. In some situations it takes really good photos, and since it can take them in RAW format, I have the full power of the post processing if needed, but I didn’t have to do much to this one.

I was laying flat on my stomach on the white sand while wind was blowing sand all over me. The following night was the full moon and lunar eclipse, the “Blood Moon”. I slept through it.

Click me!!!

This video was shot about 30 minutes prior to above photo. Some wicked stuff!

14 thoughts on “Blood Moon

  1. That was some wild stuff. I did not realize that some cell phones were capable of taking “raw”. Get photo. How did you cell phone hold up with all the sand? I’d be afraid to pull my DSLR out for fear of getting it loaded full of sand.

    1. Nokia Lumia 1020 phone has this capability, it is also 42mpx, very high resolution. Phone only has couple small openings, for power and audio, otherwise it is a solid one piece, I didn’t worry about it. I had my big dslr in protective plastic cover, but I never pulled it out. I saw a group of photographers taking photos with their big cameras and didn’t notice any protection over it, I thought they were insane, but maybe I’m just too protective over my expensive gear…

  2. That is some mean wind! Love how the closeup shows the sand grains moving like an army of ants. Great video!

  3. White Sands was a favorite haunt on weekend escapes from college classes in Las Cruces. Good memories. I’ve actually been in a sand storm there that took skin off like a sandblaster, yes, the wind can really move that sharp sand, which is actually gypsum not sand.

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