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A few days ago I was looking for something to listen on my phone while jogging around my neighborhood and came across “Amateur Traveler” series of podcasts. There are more than 400 of them, all done in interview like setting, taking you all over the world. I have already went through about dozen of them, taking me to Eastern Europe, New Zeeland, South America, Africa, Central Asia and a few places in the USA. Needless to say I have found something to listen for the next good while. And, I have some new ideas about places I want to visit.

Do you know of any other good podcasts tailored for folks who like to travel?

Hiking Around Mt Rainier

I’m planning to be back in Seattle in July and might try to go back for some hikes around Mt Rainier. I had a chance to visit it last year, probably hiked about 8-10 or so miles, got totally wiped, and had a blast. It was one of those perfect weather days in Washington, with clear blue skies, temps somewhere in the upper 70th, could not ask for anything better, other than the skies were not perfect for best photography, so maybe later this summer  I get perfect weather plus some puffy white clouds.

Mt Rainier is gigantic, especially when you look at it from far away. It does not look so big when you are much closer to it, still big, like you see here, but it just does not pop up high into the skies.

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4 thoughts on “Mt Rainier

  1. This just has opened a whole new world of running for me – perfect!

    All kinds of mountains remind me of home – they’re just so majestic and ancient, and they mark your world if you happen to live within a glance.

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