Spring Colors

Spring is in full swing and it brings us all the beautiful and rich colors of the new year, including all the pollen, which is very annoying. For the last couple weeks I wanted to post one of the photos from the nearby park, which I took a few years back. At the same time I wanted to infuse something from current season as well, just didn’t have a chance to go and shoot it. Then after taking some, my laptop died and I had to wait to be fully operational.

The following photos were taken in Winston-Salem as we went on the late afternoon walk. I tried to get a few landscape shots, but none end up looking interesting in comparison to the tight close ups.

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Focusing on the flowers at such close up distance was a bit challenging, especially with wind gusts moving them all around. Half a dozen takes and we have a decent one to share. Thanks goodness to digital!

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A few houses from ours, some neighbors have this amazing assortment of the azaleas, all different colors and planted tightly next to each other, making really beautiful display.

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and finally, I took this photo a few years back at the same park, and I was planning to post it by itself, but then we went on our little walk and I had a chance to snap a few close ups.


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