Friday Mystery Photo

My laptop died on Monday and it took couple days to get the tech with replacement motherboard, so its been another week with not much activity. It appears to be in good shape now, have to do a few more things to it today and then should be 100% ready, but thankfully blog writer is back available and I can look at my photos as well, so not missing the mystery photo day.

Colorful Killer

Pretty much the same scene was already shown once here on the blog, so if you are long termer or don’t mind browsing through my photos then you’ll be able to figure it out pretty quick. Maybe you saw this in person as well.

I put this photo through some HDR process to get pop from the colors, otherwise the original photo was fairly flat and nothing was popping up, color wise, like you see here.

There use to be life on this hill, birds were probably seating on those branches, eating bugs, no more. I can’t really remember if it smelled any bad though, I don’t think this one had any stink to it. What the name of this place?

Weekend Update: As a few of you (David, mithriluna and debibradford) correctly identified, this is the Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellow Stone National Park. I’m not sure how long did it take for all that build up around the trees, I’d guess at least a few years, so it is pretty cool how they are standing there, even long time dead.

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  1. Not a long timer and don’t wanna “cheat,” going back to read older posts. I’ll just guess, which means I’ll likely be dead wrong! Mt. St. Helen?

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