Fallen Tree


Hard to believe but this post is #800 on the blog. At least 800 photos have been posted from 32 different US States and 10 different countries and two continents. Thanks all for being part of it!

The Hike

We do this hike 2-3 times each year and usually stop for a little break by this tree. Have some snacks and then continue into the woods. It is a bit more strenuous after this.

Click me!!!

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10 Responses to Fallen Tree

  1. Rajiv says:

    The picture did not load on my IPAd. Shall try the computer later. Number 800? Woow!

  2. hlyth2013 says:

    Congratulations! 800 photos – all memorable. Keep up the wonderful work. When are you going to give Australia the same treatment?

  3. Livonne says:

    Well done.. 800 posts is a big effort.. 😀

  4. Very nice composition. I also like the color contrast between the brown tree bark and the green grass. Congratulation on your 800th posting.

  5. Wow, 800 posts! Congratulations.

  6. 800! Cool.
    I’ve always thought the best walks are those which mix calm with action.

  7. dianaed2013 says:

    Like the way in which the tree leads the viewer into the picture

  8. natuurfreak says:

    Congrats with your 800 post

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