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After going on a short vacation I think I get some type of minor travel depression syndrome, getting back to normal life is not as fun and I end up not making many photography posts. This is a bit annoying. Like last week we were in southern New Mexico and El Paso Texas. Most of it actually was not that exciting, we went there to see White Sands National Monument and as part of the trip stopped in Texas. Unless I ever want to go back to White Sands again, nothing else really will bring me back there voluntarily. I did not find it very exciting.  I was in northern New Mexico a few years ago and it seemed much better looking than the south part. The Rio Grande below “Truth or Consequences” is nothing but the “Grande”. They suck all that water out into the water reservoirs and it is dry as the desert. Way to go folks, way to go.

Friday Mystery Photo is today, can’t miss it, have to post something, this is my mental commitment, at least post on Friday if every other day does not work out. Something has to be posted, not from very obvious location and see if anyone know where it is. How about this one? Pretty mountains isn’t it. Much better if you are actually there see it all in natural glory. It is not in New Mexico, if you wondered, nor in El Paso TX.

Weekend Update: Thanks all for stopping by! We were on the way back to Salt Lake City to catch our late evening flight and decided to drive the more scenic route in the park. I saw this curve with the mountains behind me and thought that it would make a nice composition, but there were a few cars behind me and I could not immediately pull off the road. I drove over probably for another half a mile or a mile where I could safely turn around and come back here. Then had to wait for this quick fraction of time when there was no one else on the road. It was fairly busy! A few of you nailed it right down: Bri-Tri and avian101 and nildarcook !

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20 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Beautiful photo but I’ve no clue where it was taken. Just wanted to comment that I understand how you are feeling. Interestingly, we are thinking of driving the southern route to Arizona later this year and I’m not really looking forward to it. Maybe White Sands, which I’ve never visited, will be amazing yes? Lovely photo!

    1. if you never been anywhere there then the drive is going to be nice, especially if you try to take secondary roads (when possible), not main highways. Then you drive though smaller towns, see agriculture etc, can stop on the side of the road to enjoy it. that southern part just didn’t have dramatic views with cool mountains and canyons as u’d have in the north parts. White Sands is really cool, one of a kind in the world and if you have a chance to visit then sure make your way there.

  2. Don’t know where it is, but I’d like to take those turns on a motorcycle with the center stand and my knees scraping the pavement. They look inviting. Nice shot!

    1. thanks, not sure if you can do this at their posted speed limit on that road, which is probably around 35MpH, sure not higher than 55, but I’m not the authority on the motorcycle driving

      1. Ha ha, I’ve scraped the center stand at 35MPH before, really surprised that the bike would do it and not wipe out, but you’re right, those turns would require higher speeds to lean in that far. Thanks for the shots every Friday, thumbs up!

  3. I am from the East coast, and this photo represents everything I grew up wanting to see. It looks like something the animators from Cars would have used as inspiration. I have no idea where this photo was specifically taken, but it is gorgeous and enchanting and I love it. Thanks for posting!

  4. Looks like the Rockies to me. Maybe the western side of Glacier Park, that part of Montana. Beautiful, wherever it is.

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