Friday Mystery Photo

I have been on the Spring break this week and find it hard to post anything, seems like have no time for anything computer related, I guess it is a good thing.

A few days ago we witnessed this fantastic sunset and I think it is a good time to share this photo, since we are right around Easter. The cross you see on the top of the mountain has the statue of the Jesus Christ, 29-foot high. This Sunday some people will be climbing up there for pilgrimage, and it is recommended to not do this alone, but in larger groups of people, do you know why?

Also, with this photo I’m going to claim two new states on my list. Pretty nice. So many clues.

So what is the name of the mountain and who created that statue?

Mount Cristo Rey

Weekend update: Looks like no one have seen this same view as no one even suggested where it is.

The 29-foot statue of Christ by Spanish sculptor Urbici Soler is standing atop an 800-foot peak. If you want to see the same view you’ll need to find yourself on the Scenic Drive in El Paso Texas, and look west during sunset. Mount Cristo Rey is located in the New Mexico, on the border with Texas and Mexico, near Juarez, one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico due to some drug cartel activities.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Is it because of the possibility of being attacked?

    I was pondering on this photo like one does for any work of art. Sometimes salvation seems to be so far away that it is out in the distance…probably closer to someone else than you. You won’t get there unless you move your feet forward.

    1. according to travel guide you should not hike there by yourself because it is bordering Juarez Mexico – high crime drug cartel area

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