Friday Mystery Photo

Spring is finally coming around with everything getting into some nice full bloom. Couple days ago I managed to stop by the Tidal Basin in Washington DC during sunrise and take a few photos. Cherry Blossoms were not in its full awesome “blossomnes” (that seems to be not the right spelling) yet, just a few days short. I won’t be able to see them this year during the peak time, but some photos I have are nice too and I’ll try to share them over weekend or next week.

Since there would be no mystery in posting those photos, I’m pulling something out from archive, maybe not as obvious to all. The mystery here is not only the mountain that you see in the background, but from where it was taken. Can you name both of them? btw, that guys there on a rocky cliff is not me, it is not a selfy…

Weekend update: To all who said that this is Mt Rainier – you are right. It is Mt Rainier, as it was seen from the Mt Si. I hiked there one evening to take some sunset photos and really didn’t know what to expect and what I’d see from the top of it. I thought that I’d see in far west Seattle skyscrapers, and maybe on a super clear day you can see them, but it was hazy and cloudy and you could see nothing interesting to the west, except setting sun. To the south you could see this lovely view.

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8 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I don’t know where it is, but it is an amazing photo!! I love the mountain in the center of the frame and the figure in the foreground. I love images like this where a small stick figure in the distance provides scale….and then there is the moon…So it pretty much has everything!! Because of all those elements, it becomes quite a thought provoking image.

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