Ruby Beach

Ahh, the Pacific North West, its ragged and wild beauty. I only visited it a few times and loved every one of them. So different from the East coast. We just might move somewhere there one day and live for some time, experience it all first hand for a bit.

I have been a bit of a Netflix addict lately, watching a few different shows simultaneously, not all at the same time of course. Like on weekends we are watching 1-2 episodes of the “Twin Peaks”. Never heard of it prior to two weeks ago, awesome show, absolutely hilarious, and the phrase “Nothing like a great cup of black coffee”  as said by Agent Cooper is probably going to be adopted by me too, as it is really true. Have you seen it?

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24 thoughts on “Ruby Beach

  1. No as far as the TV shows, I’m oblivious to them too, but I do agree with Agent Cooper regarding his taste in coffee! (As far as the west coast goes, I have some great shots of seals on the beach at La Jolla, when cameras came with film. Lovely landscapes, someday I hope to go back.)

  2. You’ve nudged my curiosity about the west coast. An east coast native I love the Atlantic’s wilder moments, but I could easily lose myself on that beach searching for treasures and watching the waves. Lovely!

      1. Maine is on my list of states to visit. I’ve always wanted to drive up the NE coast all the way to Nova Scotia. One day I WILL. Thank you for your lovely post.

  3. I have to say I’m not too keen on watching TV on th einternet! It becomes addictive…I stay clear!! I love the photo, it’s a fascinating image with all that wood washed up on the beach…

  4. Would never have thought of this perspective for a photo, but I love it! You’ve captured the coastline, sea, etc. in a beautiful way!

  5. It is one of my favorite series! I heard of it when I was growing up but wasn’t allowed to watch and found it a bit ago on Netflix. It is sometimes cheesy, but still good:)

  6. Wonderful! It is on my list to visit friends in Bandon, OR, and photograph the tide line there. This photo is a tease to get me to that area of the country sooner!

  7. Great shot! My eyes keep hopping from left to right not finding a spot to rest on because there is so much to see in this shot.

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