Friday Mystery Photo

First, let me thank all for nice comments from the yesterday post. I usually get to see them on my phone during the day while at work, and it something that brightens my day.

I’ll follow up today with another colorful scene, only today, since it is Friday you have an opportunity to tell us where you think it is. There are plenty of giveaways here, especially if you understand the main language all of the signs are written in, there is even something there in Russian too.

We walked a lot around different streets but none of them had this cover from the sun, was so bright and awesome, perfect spot to take photos and remember the uniqueness of the place.

Weekend update: Yes, yes, yes. It is Istanbul. Pretty much all of you identified it. It is not the Grand Bazaar, but it is not far from it. Thanks all for stopping by!

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13 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. This looks like a market in Turkey to me, Istanbul is my best guess, I’ve never been there and don’t speak the language. Nice colorful shot to wake up with, overcast where I am. Thanks for sharing!

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