No Parking

This is what is says in Spanish. My wife told me. Of course I could use Bing translator, but she is good with Spanish, so I use real human translator services when I can.

I wonder if this sign has any legal bearing there and cops will take you away or write a ticket. It could be that it actually belongs to some local mafia boss, they will “take” away your car if you are full enough to park there. No idea. I didn’t take this photo because of that sign. You can probably guess why I took it.

This alley is pretty. Isn’t it?

Clck me!!!

20 thoughts on “No Parking

  1. Everything I love about Spain is right there. The vivid celebration of life and it’s a normal thing. You don’t go to see it, it’s just that’s everywhere and the colours – they probably take it for granted. In a place when the sun shines all the time it can only emphasise that vivacity. Lovely photo. And I love that you used Human Translate!! My dad always asks me to translate French stuff for him and I appreciate that kind of trust! 🙂 Sad that that’s probably one of the only times I get to use my degree!

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