Fallen Tree


Hard to believe but this post is #800 on the blog. At least 800 photos have been posted from 32 different US States and 10 different countries and two continents. Thanks all for being part of it!

The Hike

We do this hike 2-3 times each year and usually stop for a little break by this tree. Have some snacks and then continue into the woods. It is a bit more strenuous after this.

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Friday Mystery Photo

After going on a short vacation I think I get some type of minor travel depression syndrome, getting back to normal life is not as fun and I end up not making many photography posts. This is a bit annoying. Like last week we were in southern New Mexico and El Paso Texas. Most of it actually was not that exciting, we went there to see White Sands National Monument and as part of the trip stopped in Texas. Unless I ever want to go back to White Sands again, nothing else really will bring me back there voluntarily. I did not find it very exciting.  I was in northern New Mexico a few years ago and it seemed much better looking than the south part. The Rio Grande below “Truth or Consequences” is nothing but the “Grande”. They suck all that water out into the water reservoirs and it is dry as the desert. Way to go folks, way to go.

Friday Mystery Photo is today, can’t miss it, have to post something, this is my mental commitment, at least post on Friday if every other day does not work out. Something has to be posted, not from very obvious location and see if anyone know where it is. How about this one? Pretty mountains isn’t it. Much better if you are actually there see it all in natural glory. It is not in New Mexico, if you wondered, nor in El Paso TX.

Weekend Update: Thanks all for stopping by! We were on the way back to Salt Lake City to catch our late evening flight and decided to drive the more scenic route in the park. I saw this curve with the mountains behind me and thought that it would make a nice composition, but there were a few cars behind me and I could not immediately pull off the road. I drove over probably for another half a mile or a mile where I could safely turn around and come back here. Then had to wait for this quick fraction of time when there was no one else on the road. It was fairly busy! A few of you nailed it right down: Bri-Tri and avian101 and nildarcook !

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Sand Storm at White Sands

Last week we spent couple evenings at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico. The first evening started relatively come, with mild wind blowing from the south west. We went on a big loop hike, but as sun was getting closer to the ground wind started to pick up and visibility started to deteriorate and we were having hard time seeing the markers, so we turned around and went back to the base area to wait for the sunset. 

Closer to the sunset the wind was probably around 30-40 mph and you could hardly see around, as it was blowing all that sand right in your face and we were pretty much in the big white cloud of dust. I had my big camera in the backpack, the smaller hanging over my neck and my phone camera in my pocket. I was hoping to take some shots with big camera on the tripod and even pulled it out at one moment but quickly stored it back, the sand blowing was just too intense for it and I didn’t want to risk it. So that evening I took a few photos with a smaller camera that was already out in the open and with my phone, which thankfully has only couple small openings and can’t collect dust on the sensor or the lens.

It was the night before the “Blood Moon” and it was pretty much full, it showed up on the horizon at the same time as sun was setting on the opposite side. I took this shot with my phone. Check out the video as well.

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As we were waiting for the sunset it was good time to immortalize one the nature great powers – the wind. At the end check out my awesome karate moves, my wife was impressed!

Friday Mystery Photo

I have been on the Spring break this week and find it hard to post anything, seems like have no time for anything computer related, I guess it is a good thing.

A few days ago we witnessed this fantastic sunset and I think it is a good time to share this photo, since we are right around Easter. The cross you see on the top of the mountain has the statue of the Jesus Christ, 29-foot high. This Sunday some people will be climbing up there for pilgrimage, and it is recommended to not do this alone, but in larger groups of people, do you know why?

Also, with this photo I’m going to claim two new states on my list. Pretty nice. So many clues.

So what is the name of the mountain and who created that statue?

Mount Cristo Rey

Weekend update: Looks like no one have seen this same view as no one even suggested where it is.

The 29-foot statue of Christ by Spanish sculptor Urbici Soler is standing atop an 800-foot peak. If you want to see the same view you’ll need to find yourself on the Scenic Drive in El Paso Texas, and look west during sunset. Mount Cristo Rey is located in the New Mexico, on the border with Texas and Mexico, near Juarez, one of the most dangerous cities in Mexico due to some drug cartel activities.

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MLK Cherry Blossoms

Another photo with Cherry Blossoms around Tidal Basin. Have a good day!

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