Friday Mystery Photo

Pier to No Where

Got to love this pier, starts in the middle of the lake, and ends kind of short of the shore, or vise versa. In any case you have to swim to get there. I didn’t see any signs prohibiting its use, so it probably get some sun bathers on the warmer days.

As always, on Friday I don’t disclose the location of the photo and let you guys to tell us where it is, assuming you have been there and have seen it or maybe seen it somewhere else on the interwebs. thanks for stopping by!

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18 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I, too, have no idea where this is, but based on your photo, I’d sure like to go :). Absolutely breathtaking. Framing, colors, clarity are stunning.

      1. My new guess: based on your clue, the French sounding name in the northwest is Coeur d’Alene, in Idaho.

        I must say the scene has that “Catskills” like appearance. A friend who grew up in upstate NY said it reminded him of many summers spent in the Catskills.

        1. Well, it WAS our best kept secret… 😛

          I’ve tried to frame a photo of this dock several times, but this very nearly captures the beauty of the place. Thank you for sharing!

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