Autumn Flowers

Patterns are good. I think that to make a pattern you have to do it at least three times. Two does not do it, but if you do something twice that can start a pattern, doing it a third time is almost like an obligation. See where I’m going? The last two posts were about flowers during different seasons, Spring and Summer. So today I had to post flower photo, but from the next season. It just had to be done this way. I don’t know if next photo will be with flowers from the Winter season, I actually have no idea if I have any photos with such flowers, so maybe this series will be very short lived, but, heck it did make me feel good about it. And that is all that is counts.

Click me!!!

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5 Responses to Autumn Flowers

  1. katedass says:

    Evocative, and timely, given the autumnal change of season here in the antipodes xx

  2. morninggloryphotography says:

    Awesome photo!

  3. SPFischer says:

    I am definitely partial to fall and fall colors and fall holidays, so I’m glad you decided to “make a pattern”! Thanks for making me smile!

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