Summer Flowers

Last post was with some Spring flowers, today I decided to follow up with Summer flowers.

I took this photo off HW89 before coming into Afton, WY. Beautiful part of the country for sure.

Click me!!!

19 thoughts on “Summer Flowers

  1. I have always loved the “yellow” of Wyoming. I say that because it seems like that part of the country has yellow despite the season (well, except maybe the dead of winter). Yellow flowers, yellow desert, autumn trees of gold and the fine grasses that grow on their high prairie. But then, yellow is my favorite color so perhaps I am more in tune with it. Lovely photograph. Beautiful work!

  2. Mr. Dmitrii, I’ve always been a fan of photography and enjoy coming here to see your photos. I have to tell you, I go to art shows specifically to see the photography, and I’ve never even seen professionals capture scenes quite like you do.

  3. Beautiful, D. The whole composition is awesome, and I love the clouds and sky. Also enjoyed going through some of your others, which I’ve grown so jealous before. Nice work, sir. Which Florida beach were you on? West coast, Lido, Siesta??? M

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