Spring Flowers

Yesterday I spent most of the day working in the yard, cleaning and fixing the aftermath of the ice storm. Ice storms have one bad side effect – they bring down a lot of trees, tree branches and bend a lot of them down. We have a lot of evergreens, and they are especially sensitive to ice. Good day outdoors.

Over the next two month there will be a lot of flower photos, it is Spring time after all. I try not to post many photos taken around my house, but sometimes it feels appropriate, when it shows something different, especially something that is purely natural, something I didn’t plant or do.

I have no idea what kind of flowers those are, but they show up right around this time in my backyard and very lovely.

Back, where I grew up, we usually have little pretty flowers coming right from under the snow, we call them “Under the Snow” flowers. I have not seen any of them around North Carolina. So these white beauties remind me about my childhood in far away lands.

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  1. I believe we call those snowdrops. I saw a couple of them, that I don’t recall planting, about a week ago. They’re the first Spring bulb to bloom here in the Northeast. and MidAtlantic.

  2. So beautiful. Very calming photo, despite the wild weather that has contributed to them. I hope that is the end of the ice storms for you. Here “Down Under” we are into Autumn, still been very humid lately, and I am looking forward to cooler weather, but not too cold of course. I have never seen snow!! How amazing that our weather is so different and sometimes extreme. Whether the weather is cold or hot, let’s help each other cope with it and make the best of things. Thanks for sharing. Your photography is spectacular. 🙂

  3. We have no snow here, but I also have a small bit of these flowers that show up every Spring. I took a photo of them a couple weeks ago! Very nice.

  4. Snowdrops- Galanthus nivalis is the botanic name for common snowdrops but there are many other less common species. They usually bloom before mid-march. Aren’t you lucky to have them! Living much further north they don’t usually do well when there are freezing temps well into April.

  5. What a lovely picture. The flower is a crocus which is a bulb plant like a tulip. It is called a snowdrop or snow crocus. Although, I love my travels, NC is home and I love and miss it. I worried about my kids and friends staying warm with all the power outages this past week. It only snowed here in WV and that is pretty much gone, now. Looking at 70’s this week.

  6. Yes, snowdrops. They’re naturalised in Britain; they alos occur in gardens; and have that name not only because of their white colour and small size, but also because they often come out while there’s still snow around.

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