Friday Mystery Photo

I’m going to start sound like a broken record but this weather is really getting annoying. North Carolina is under another winter storm with more ice and snow, and it first week into March.

The photo below of course was taken during somewhat warmer times, on a much nicer day. Where do you think it is?

Saturday Update: As always, thanks for stopping by guys! This one was not super easy, but we have our experts in the audience. cassiedianne and karljamaica got it right, it is indeed at the Biltmore Estate. You can see the Biltmore House chimney between the beams.

Click me!!!!

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17 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. John says:

    No idea, great shot. Sorry about your weather there. 😦

  2. stickyquote says:

    Awesome image I have no clue where this was taken, but it’s stunning. I agree with enough already I live in North Carolina and we have had our share.

  3. karljamaica says:

    Yes it looks like Biltmore Estate

  4. Lori D says:

    Don’t feel bad about complaining. You aren’t the only blogger posting about the weather. I’ve been to a lot of blogs where people are just sick and tired of it. I always tell people that there are ONLY three things I like about living in Florida … January, February and March. 🙂 As always, great photo.

  5. natuurfreak says:

    Great photo of an unknow place for me.Hope your weather will change very soon

  6. Maryann Barnes says:

    Monticello? Such a great photograph with lovely light.

  7. No idea, but I enjoyed looking at it. Thanks.

  8. Patty Murphy says:

    I wish I was in North Carolina! I moved back to Michigan from there to help take care of aging parents and I’m hating it.
    I would lover to be walking around the Biltmore House instead of ice covered piers. Check out my pictures at

  9. great photo! …my condolences on the weather… spring is on the way!

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