What are you Looking at?

March is almost over and hopefully April brings a lot of fresh and bright color into our lives. Cherry blossoms are about to bloom on the East coast, all the flowers are coming out in my backyard, with yellow daffodils already on the down, I planted about thousand of them in my backyard over the years, pretty sight, have to say. We are planning on taking a quick trip to New Mexico for a spring break, this will be state #31 shown on this blog… I’m hoping to get all 50 of them in the next 2-3 years. Everything in the middle is not easy to get to…

Today we are going back (via this photo) to Montana and look as some white asses of the mountain goats. We saw a few of them, fairly close encounters, which is cool when you see them a few feet away, without humongous binoculars. Of course they are not the type that would just hang out with you, they like a little bit of privacy and got of the road into those rocky cliffs, where they blended quite nicely. You might remember this post with the same bunch, check it out.

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Istanbul Blue

Another place I’d like to visit again and spend a bit more time at, Istanbul is the cool place.

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Snow Wall at Mt Washburn

Last summer we spent a few days in Yellowstone National park and tried to cover most of what it can offer on such a short visit. We drove to places and hiked where we could. One of those hikes was to the peak of Mt Washburn. It started way down there in the warmer lands and brought us all the way to the snow levels and beyond. At one place we had to walk next to the 10+ feet high snow wall, what left of it from the winter. It was in early days of July, it probably melted by the end of the summer, maybe not, do you know?

We actually liked this part of the Yellowstone, it is less touristy, away from all those crowded hot springs and geysers. When we manage to visit it again, I’d like to spend a night or two at the Roosevelt Lodge, it is very rustic and not far from this place and many other less developed areas of the park.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Who is Who

As you can see, this was taken inside restaurant. My wife is blending  into the scene like she is one of those folks out there in the country. This place is known for serving traditional local cuisine dishes. While I don’t think I loved the food, I think it was pretty good, but I don’t remember what I ate. Probably some plantains and pork, or maybe some other dish. I think I drank mojitos, which were pretty good, it helped that we didn’t have to drive and could get back to our hotel by some other means.

This time around I’d like you to try and name the restaurant itself. If you have been to this place, you’d probably recognize it, the lady in white dress on the right side looks exactly the same as the hostess who took our name and put on the waiting list and later helped us to our table. She was as pretty as the one on this photo.

Weekend update: This time around no one even attempted to guess where it is. Interesting. While the name of the restaurant is right there in the photo. It is called “Raices” and has some of the best Puerto Rican food.

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Good Morning

About twelve month ago we were in Puerto Rico on a short spring break, away from any cold we are still experiencing on the East coast this year. One of the mornings I looked out our window and saw this nice girl saying “Good Morning” to all of us. I had to take a photo.

Good morning to you all as well!

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