What do you think about closing ceremony? It was pretty cool, I think they did a good job.

Looks like Spring around the corner. With that huge snow storm just ten days ago, this weekend was really nice, mid sixties, sunny days. Flowers are coming out all over my yard and in just probably another week or two it will be all yellow. I’ll take a photo or two.

And it about two month everything will be back green and nice, just like on this photo at Biltmore Estate.

Click me!!!

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8 Responses to Biltmore

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Wonderful place and shot.

  2. kmoser56 says:

    I think this is “One of the 7 Wonders” here in the United States. It’s appearance always takes my breath away!

  3. Rich Lewis says:

    Great photograph that really shows how grand this place, and the landscape around it is.

  4. We visited the Biltmore about 25 years ago. This picture brings those memories back up. My brother is a gardener there.

  5. The symmetry in that photo is incredible! where were you when you took that shot, and where about in the states is that?

    • Dmitrii says:

      This is in western part of North Carolina, near Asheville. There is a long green lawn going up the hill, very cool place to watch sunset over the house and take some photos as well.

  6. Jodi says:

    While the building is beautiful, the landscape is beyond spectacular!

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