House of Cards

Are you guys watching this show? I like how they start each episode with series of time lapses from all over the city, with some cool angles, pretty much always showing one of the monuments or the Capitol.

I took this photo from the top floor at the Key Bridge Marriott, they have a conference rooms on the top, so you can just go up the elevator and take some photos. Of course to see Washington Monument this close you’ll need pretty good zoom, it is fairly far away.

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10 thoughts on “House of Cards

  1. I am not following this series however if you have not seen the original it is well worth your time to watch it. It was terrific on so many levels.

  2. I love this shot! I’ve heard it’s shut down due to repairs that need to be made to the section added after the Civil War… there is a slight difference I believe if you get close enough, you might be able to tell… 😀

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