Hagia Sophia

Before visiting Hagia Sophia I had no idea that it is not a practicing Mosque anymore. So before going there we stopped at our hotel and I changed my shorts to pants. You can’t wear shorts in Mosque. It was the middle of summer, around 95F and high humidity, needless to say wearing pants was not super comfortable. I was super annoyed to see all other tourists going through ticket office and none wearing pants. Doing some research prior to visit would avoid this, but I rarely do a lot of research as I don’t like to have a lot of different expectations about places I visit.

Note for next visit to Hagia Sophia – you don’t have to wear clothes that would be required to have in normal Mosque.

The inside was impressive. See it for your self. I shared another photo while back, The View of the Heavens.

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20 thoughts on “Hagia Sophia

  1. It is truly a beautiful place. It is awe inspiring because of its grandeur. There are only two places that made me really feel small Hagia Sophia and Saint Peter’s.

  2. What a remarkable image. I look forward to seeing more. Although you didn’t have to change clothes at least you were prepared. In my travels some temples rented appropriate clothing for those that had not planned ahead, including me.

  3. Oh wow! And, by sheer coincidence I am reading a chapter on the Hagia Sophia now, in a book that I am reading on The History of Christianity.
    I am an atheist, but I find religion fascinating

  4. I used to live with this as a child – dressing better for going out is ingrained in my psyche. I think it enriches the experience and when you go to special places it seems proper. This Mosque is stunning and I’m glad you took the time to show up is less casual attire. It did contrast with the holiday look of everyone else which I find unsettling even downtown – best left for the beach or the backyard. Dressing for something special may be old-fashioned but it does enrich the moment.

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