Pink Sunset

Yesterday I shared with you winter photo from the west coast. Today we are going to be on the other coast, still in the mountains, but not during winter time, this was sometime in May if my memory serves me well, with some mosquitos annoyingly  flying around. This is the view from one of the spots from Blue Ridge Parkway, maybe about 45 minutes north from Asheville, NC. The sun is actually probably setting somewhere in Tennessee, in those wild smoky mountains.

If you are new here, you can always click in the photo to see it at higher resolution, much better way to see it.

Click me!!!

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13 Responses to Pink Sunset

  1. Lori D says:

    It seemed a bit cloudy, and as if the sun peeked out specifically for your photo. Awesome!

  2. Adzsa says:

    beautiful indeed!

  3. Ashok Mani says:

    Nice pic.. but i would prefer more contrast in the image..

  4. heidi skarie says:

    Reblogged this on Heidi Skarie at Blue Star Visions and commented:
    A beautiful photo of the west coast.

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