Friday Mystery Photo

I waited around there for about ten minutes, waiting on that punk to get off the bench and go somewhere else. He was seating there staring at all the tourists taking photos of this little pond and had no intention to move. I could mask him out in post processing, but I don’t really like to do a lot of that type of post processing work, so I took the shot while those little ducky’s were near by and moved on. There were about 3-4 people behind me waiting to get their photo taken, it was nice and idyllic.

Happy Friday everyone! What is the name of the garden where I took this photo?

Weekend update: Veronica Grassi got it right, it is Luxembourg Garden in Paris. If I would turn around I’d see the Luxembourg Palace. Thanks all for stopping by!

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25 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Perhaps he was plotting the next great novel and you were interfering with his concentration? Having him there gives a third focal point to the composition ( 0along with the ducks and the arch over the far end of the pond) and makes the eye circulate within the photo.

    1. neh, he was eating his lunch or something, slowly. but you are right about the final outcome, while I was hoping to take this photo without him, the result is better with someone seating there

  2. You’re lucky there was only one person sitting on a bench in your shot. I found another photo of the same angle on the internet and there were four people in it!

    1. I’m sure those benches are occupied all the time. This was taken on an overcast day and it was Monday, so maybe not as busy day at the park

  3. Well, my first thought, after reading your comment, was that the “punk” actually added something to the photo – a human element perhaps that would be missing had he obediently ambled on his way. Great photo though. To be honest I doubt if I would have intellectually noted him had you not pointed him out – but now the more I look at it the more I feel it is actually (really) his portrait.
    To put this in context, I am a sculptor and sometimes the stone simply refuses to bend to my wishes and mold itself into the exact form I had in mind, but having said that it is seldom I find myself cursing such interventions as (if I’m truly honest) the result is more often than not often something of an improvement on my original idea.

    1. it was a very different perception of being there in person, observing it from the higher vantage point. people always appear much closer in person. I could see what he ate and how he ate it. So at the time I didn’t want him to be in the photo. But then I took the photo at the most lowest point, by putting camera between the rails of that iron fence, so in the end the person on the photo is not as visible and obstructive as he was to me while being there in person.

  4. I think he adds a mysterious edge to the photo and might not even have noticed him if you hadn’t pointed it out as my eye was drawn to the statue. Serendipity!

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