Pentagon City Ice Ring

Its been a few month since I have been to the Pentagon City. Last time I was there, the entire middle part of the Fashion Center was under construction. So last night as I made my way there to find some food, it was a nice surprise to see finished ice skating ring. I might have to come back and see if they rent good quality skates and maybe hit some ice for a few spins and runs.

btw, guess what camera was used to take this photo? not any fancy DSLR, just my Nokia 1020 phone. Over weekend I installed latest updates and now it supports taking photos in RAW format. Now on top of the 42MPx censor it gives me the full power of the RAW image. I took this photo handheld and was very happy with what I saw later on my computer. To see all the details all you have to do is click on it to see in large.

Click me!!!

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2 Responses to Pentagon City Ice Ring

  1. natuurfreak says:

    Like to see all the details so well. Great picture.

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