Hike to Mount Si

Last summer I spent some time in Redmond Washington. While I have been to Seattle a few times and took a few photos in the city, this time I wanted to check out some hikes to the east of Redmond. Someone suggested to me the hike to Mount Si, so one day right after work I headed straight to the trail head of this hike, it is only about 45 or so minutes drive from the Redmond town center. I wanted to get up all the way to the pick before sunset. 

Most of the hike is not very exciting, you hike like forever, up and up, no views at all. One portion of the hike was facing the west side and had some sun rays coming through. If you ever been to the forest like this and have seen the sun coming through and lighting up the branches, you know how mesmerizing it is. So I took this shot and continued on this four mile hike up the mountain.

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