Ice Age Old Pot Holes

Imagine your self back at the same spot like long time ago, during ice age, that long ago. So this place is totally under water, like some big fast river or something coming down from up north, or maybe south, not sure. And there is a little tiny rock, like a little diamond strength type of little rock get into a little hole and it start whirling around and around. For a long really long time. You’d seat there under water and watch it, maybe like in time lapse fashion, maybe for a few hundred years, watching tiny little hole slowly growing into this.

Or as I told my wife, it is probably the work of some smart dinosaurs, they had to hide their valuables somewhere, right?

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12 thoughts on “Ice Age Old Pot Holes

  1. Very sharp photo indeed. Your Nikon is great camera. I love these “odd” places because they cause man thinking wonders of nature.

    We have in Finland Giant potholes. Here are my photos from the area where a more than 20 potholes:

    Giant’s potholes.

    Happy blogging!

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