Pass Christian

So my quest to visit all 50 states by the age 50 and publish at least one photo on this blog from each one of them is well under its way. With this photo I have 28 states, DC and Puerto Rico covered. Photos from one more state are coming shortly as well, which will make it total of 29. I still have to visit twenty one state in the next few years. A lot, especially that majority of them I have absolutely no reason to visit and not even sure what to see in some of them. I’ll probably plan “hit-shoot-run” type of weekend visits to many of them.

This photo was taken on the Christmas day in Pass Christian Mississippi. We were driving from New Orleans to Mobile via HW90 and I tried to find something interesting on Mississippi coast, and this probably will be the only photo from that part of the state of Mississippi. Not whole a lot to see there otherwise. I didn’t find Gulfport or Biloxi very interesting. If I ever make my way to Memphis then I’ll try to check out northern part of the state and see if it has anything cool to shoot.

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22 Responses to Pass Christian

  1. Nice reflections, but surely there must be some things worth capturing there? Have a good week. 🍀

    • Dmitrii says:

      thanks. There are probably places, but overall the coastline is the same, without too many interesting landmarks. Biloxi got a lot of large Casinos, which I don’t really care for.

  2. Gina says:

    Simply beautiful!

  3. Nice representation of some of our Southern coastal industry. We Mid-westerners don’t have the opportunity to see that type of boat very often

  4. Kavi says:

    Stunning photo! It almost looks like a painting!

  5. Rusha Sams says:

    Love Pass Christian — before and now after Katrina. But much was lost. Also love the idea that you want to visit all 50 states before you hit 50. Great goal!!!

  6. I don’t know the bulk of Mississippi all that well, but there’s a lot of amazing stuff up in the Delta for sure. It’s worth a ride on Highway 61.

  7. cerrosolo says:

    Getting up to the Natchez Trace is also a great part of the state to explore and will help you get Alabama and Tennessee pretty quickly.

  8. I like this photo. Especially it is not centered of the picture but it is slightly to the top. Nice cold colors too! ~ Diana

  9. astepabove says:

    Sweet. Your quest may actually be inspiration for publishing more of mine. Love the reflections in the water on this photo.

  10. natuurfreak says:

    Gorgeous photo with fantastic reflections.

  11. Wonderful ethereal atmosphere.

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