Friday Mystery Photo

Friday the 13th of the 13th year of this century. Only if we had thirteen month per year and it was Friday 13-13-13, now that would be pretty cool. But we just have to live with Friday-12-13-13, its not bad either.

I have been really slacking in posting any photos or doing much around my blog lately. Not sure why, maybe it is Fall and Winter, maybe work is too busy, maybe luck of interest in doing it too often. Well, New Year is around the corner, we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s photo an easy one probably as well, but so I thought about last week and no one got it. So where is this and what is in the background?

Weekend update: Nice, pretty much everyone identified the place, you guys are true Parisians! It is in fact the Hotel des Invalides.

Click me!!!

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11 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. bonparisien says:

    Invalides, Paris 😉

  2. Rajiv says:

    Somewhere in Paris

  3. tieshka says:

    The back side of Invalides in Paris. I almost moved near this spot years ago.

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  5. vydnic says:

    Dome the invalides Paris

  6. The building looks like the Hotel des Invalides.

  7. Deano says:

    I suspect a well known Emperor resides inside for eternity?

  8. Invalides in Paris. I’ve been there once.

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