Bixby Bridge From Far Away

Bixby Bridge in Big Sur California is probably photographed as much as many other famous bridges, at least if you count on how many people go over it, the percentage of them stopping and taking a photo is more likely very close the rest of them. Given that it is remote and you have to get there somehow via your own transportation, it does not get as many people as bridges in large cities, still I bet most tourists will make a stop somewhere around it to take a photo. I actually took a few photos, some from the far away south side, some from the far away north, and couple just next to it. You can see couple of them under “Big Sur” category already published.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Friday the 13th of the 13th year of this century. Only if we had thirteen month per year and it was Friday 13-13-13, now that would be pretty cool. But we just have to live with Friday-12-13-13, its not bad either.

I have been really slacking in posting any photos or doing much around my blog lately. Not sure why, maybe it is Fall and Winter, maybe work is too busy, maybe luck of interest in doing it too often. Well, New Year is around the corner, we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s photo an easy one probably as well, but so I thought about last week and no one got it. So where is this and what is in the background?

Weekend update: Nice, pretty much everyone identified the place, you guys are true Parisians! It is in fact the Hotel des Invalides.

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Eifel Light

As winter storm on the east coast goes away, it reminds me of prettier time during my visit to Paris. I spent there a few days, walking for hours every day and exploring different parts of the city. It is so huge and so much to see, in those few days I only scratched a small surface of it all.

During my first evening I made my way to the Eifel Tower right around sunset, hoping to get good light. I’m glad I went there on that night, as it is the only day when I saw any sun. Every other day Paris was showing to me its grey overcast side.

While taking photos around Eifel Tower, couple young girls tried to scam me out of some cash. They were walking around with a notepad collecting names for some kind of petition. Being a nice tourist I identified myself as something like “John Smith from NYC”. Then she started demanding cash to donate to their cause. When I offered some change in US coins, she said that they only take larger amount, to which I told her that is all I have. She was not happy and quickly figured out that she will not get anything out of me, turned around and went to hunt another target. A few minutes later I saw someone else filling her petition.

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Friday Mystery Photo

How about it, do you recognize this one?

Weekend update: I thought that this photo will be an easy one. But no one identified it! Some good suggestions folks, but it is not anywhere there. This is actually the view of downtown Boston from the east side. I took this photo last year, but it can probably look about the same about now as well, with this nasty winter storm we have on the east coast. I hope everyone staying warm and safe.

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One holiday is over, only a few weeks before winter breaks comes around. Can’t wait for that!

Last year we were in Rockport MA, one day before Sandy hit the East coast, all these clouds are prelude to what was about to come. I did a quick time lapse at the time you can check it out right after the photo.

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and here is the video

Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.