Friday Mystery Photo

Black Friday

So if you didn’t spend all your precious cash on all kind of stuff then stop by my photo gallery and see if any of 700+ photos might be a good gift for upcoming holiday season. Just saying.

Somewhere in California

I actually do not remember the exact location of where I took this photo. Can anyone identify the name of the bridge for me and even better provide coordinates? I’d like to put exact geo coordinates in the photo.

Weekend Update: Thanks to smithartonline and Alli Farkas for identifying the name of the bridge! It is Big Creek Bridge.

Click me!!!

11 thoughts on “Friday Mystery Photo

  1. I believe this is Big Creek Bridge up by Big Sur in Monterey County. The bridge is on the costal highway 1… A beautiful if hair- raising drive along the Pacific Ocean. My infornation is that It was built in 1937.

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