Behind the Glass

Winter is Coming

Raining it is, east coast is under nasty uncomfortable cold rain with some ice and snow. Yick! I guess it is the beginning of the winter.

Looks Like Peace

Looks like the middle line is the repeat of the word “peace”, is it right? I wonder if other lines have the same but in other languages. Or am I completely imagining it? We got to have some all things Parisian experts visiting here, who would know exactly what it is saying.

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8 thoughts on “Behind the Glass

  1. About to enter summer on this side of the world. Easy to get glum about winter, but it does make for some brilliant photo opportunities! Great moody shot.

  2. Absolutely inspired catch! (If only, by repeating “peace” over and over, in every language, we could make it so.) Thanks for sharing this.

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