Monterey Sunrise

Photomatix 5.0

If you are into doing HDR photography then make sure to get the latest version of the Photomatix software. They just released version 5.0 and it has some nice new features and great improvements in image quality. I was really struggling with prior version of the software on the following image, it looked like crap, no matter what I tried to do with it. With new version they have a new mode, they call it “Balanced” and it really makes some wonders. I was much happier with how it turned out on this photo.

In Pacific Grove

If you look on the right side under categories, you’ll find a few other images from this area. California’s coast line is beautiful, no matter where you go and Pacific Grove in Monterey is no exception.

As always on all of my photos on this blog, if you want to see it in higher resolution, all you have to do is click on the image and it will open in my photo gallery.

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21 thoughts on “Monterey Sunrise

  1. Had a moment this morning (It’s still only 8:00 AM in New Jersey) to spend a little more time with your post, and am as always, impressed with your incredible images, and excellent interpretation thru HDR. Thanks for the Photomatix upgrade recommendations. I have yet to work seriously with HDR, except fleetingly through the features on my newer DSLR, but your work is proving to be a persistent motivation. Hmmm, Photomatix… an idea for holiday gift giving to myself! Thanks for the work. M

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