Behind the Curtain

Over weekend we went to see friends in Minneapolis and took a quick ride over to Wisconsin to get another state under my belt. Yep, one more, so far pretty good progress this year, and it isn’t even over yet.

This nice waterfall is located in Osceola and you can walk behind it, pretty cool.

Click me!!!

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13 Responses to Behind the Curtain

  1. musicgal2012 says:

    It’s lovely being able to travel with you via your beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Beautiful shot!! We love visiting waterfalls on our travels & love seeing waterfalls in photos.

  3. John says:

    The water must have had a much higher flow rate in the past to etch that. Great catch!

  4. sefeniak says:

    Pretty cool indeed! Neat image. 🙂

  5. lightbox3d says:

    Love it. Would love to do a longer exposure here!

  6. This is lovely! I have been to this waterfall often and this picture captures it amazingly!

  7. Fantastic shot. I always wonder what is behind a waterfall.

  8. Fraukje says:

    Waterfalls just make me go crazy!! 🙂

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