Vermont State Capitol

Last week we did a quick drive through the Vermont, just in time to catch some day light and take a few photos. Yep, this is another one under my belt, and now with the exception of Delaware, I have visited, took photo and published it, every east coast state. I feel happy about it.

Montpelier happens to be a cute little town and capital of the Vermont. I actually had no clue that it was a capital before driving into it. If we had more time I’d definitely stopped there over night, there were some interesting looking restaurants and bars, and cool little shops to explorer. Not sure if I will ever have a chance to be there, kind of out of the way from where I live and where we usually go.

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20 thoughts on “Vermont State Capitol

  1. The gold and less-saturated blue is beautiful! Autumn causes my heart to rebuke the predictable perfection of Hawaii. Great job capturing the east coast, my former home. *sigh* Perhaps I will turn up the AC this year long enough for Irish Stew and Hot Cocoa with gingerbread…

    Will you expand west? What’s next after Delaware?

    Happy Travels,

    1. Thanks! I just look at all east states and NJ is missing too. I drove so many times through it, but never spent any time to take photos, so both Delaware and NJ are still remaining. I actually been to every west coast state with exception of Alaska and Hawaii. Not sure when I visit those, require much more time and resources to go there. I still have to cover 20 states in the middle. But I have a few more years to cover it all.

  2. I was there just a few days ago. The building has a fascinating history and a wonderful interior. Your lovely photo brings back memories of beautiful Vermont in the fall.

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