The Basin

I’m on the roll here. Not with posting much, that is far away from being on the roll, as I’ve been slacking in that department. But I’m on the roll with posting the third straight photo from a new state. I’m on the roll to get all of them under the belt, hehe, time is pressing.

This is “The Basin” in the Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire. The cool thing about Pemigewasset River is that part of the park is that it is carved its way in the solid slab of rock. Very cool, I haven’t seen waterfalls like this on the East coast in the past.

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20 thoughts on “The Basin

  1. Thats amazing. I want to go there.
    I live in North Queensland, Australia, surrounded by waterfalls, but never have I seen something as beautiful as this!!!

  2. Nice shot! That pool is actually called, “The Basin”. I lived most of my life in NH and we’d frequently visit that, the Flume, Cannon Mountain, North Conway, Franconia Notch, etc. I miss being close by now.

  3. Florida is super level but we have a springs here that flows out of a small cave and the river has carved a track through the rocks like this. It has eroded the banks to form a rock “table”. So when you stand at the bank of the river; you can swim under the ledge which is basically under the people on the shoreline. It is pretty fun to go under it and swim downstream with the current.

    Cool pic but I can only imagine the water temp being in New Hampshire!

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