The White House

It is there, if you pay attention you’ll see it in one of the corners. While the house is fenced and surrounded by all kind of security, the green fields around it are available for everyone to enjoy. You’ll folks playing all kind of team sports and enjoy their time of work or school.

To see the details of those far away buildings click on the image to open it in higher resolution.


3 thoughts on “The White House

  1. There are some strange things happening to one or two of the people in this image – the result of the HDR processing (on the phone?) when there is movement at the point of capture. In a shot I took a few weeks ago a woman lost her face (very unfortunate). In your photo one poor man has lost all his limbs! 😉

  2. I think the person who lives there has lost his head for thinking he can trust the Russians. Oh, that was unkind…but just could not resist after reading the last person’s comment. I love looking at your pictures…always so good.

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