This weekend we went overnight to Asheville. I didn’t take any photos with my big cameras, only a few shots with my phone. But we stayed at the recently opened A Loft hotel, right in down town, which was pretty cool. They upgraded us to the pool level with our door opening on the terrace with our own private terrace level. It as really convenient, but you have to make sure to lock those terrace doors. Next room to us was rubbed in that afternoon, iPad and some other expensive toys disappeared. There were a bunch young females staying there, all bridesmaids for the upcoming weekend wedding. They forgot to lock the door.

Since we are on the subject of Asheville, we are going to see something from that area. I took this photo at Biltmore Estate last summer, it was part of my short time lapse video, some of you who has been here for a while will surely recognize. I think they cut the grass just an hour or so before I took this, I really like how those lines are taking my eye all the way to the house.

Biltmore House - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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and here is the video from that day:

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

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14 Responses to Convergence

  1. kmoser56 says:

    Wonderful picture! I like the patterns in the grass and sky!

  2. alex19alex says:

    Wow…that was the first word came into my mind when I saw this picture! 🙂

  3. Rusha Sams says:

    Love the perspective you have used in this photo!

  4. mbeephoto says:

    Yeah, perfect lines in the grass that really leads you further and further into the picture! Hadn’t been the same at all without that grass cutting before your photo!

  5. You are an amazing photographer.

  6. natuurfreak says:

    Great shot but like me so unreal but very beautiful

  7. Dmitrii I’ve nominated you for Travel Super Market’s Capture the Colour contest. You can see the details on my post today.

  8. Great image of the Biltmore. I love the wide angle, leading lines in the grass and balanced clouds!

  9. mvschulze says:

    We were there in Mid Aug. I think I shot A couple of hundred images in the gardens, particularly the one just left of this image. Incredible place, nice photo.

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