50 by 50

Five New States This Year So Far

One of my goals is to have a photo on my blog from all fifty states by the time I turn fifty. With today’s post I have twenty two states under my belt, with five new states this year. Twenty eight more to go. I have a few more years to achieve this goal, it will be not the easiest one to accomplish as I have never actually been to any states in the middle of the country, never had a reason to be anywhere there. Some road trips are probably in order.

Newport Bridge

By the end of this year I want to cover all of the states on the East coast, there are a few more to photograph, this is one of the new ones, the State of Rhode Island. Recently I drove up to Boston and stopped over night in Rhode Island. Newport Bridge sounded like an interesting place to get a photo off at the sunrise.

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Friday Mystery Photo

For some reason I find that in September I don’t have whole a lot of desire to publish photos. Not sure why. Last year I took a break, this year it is coming to be a very slow month as well.

I took this photo couple years ago, it is one of our favorite cities to visit. We even “considered” to potentially move there one of these days, but then we decided that it probably not going to be as much overall change as where we are now.

Many of you guys will know where it is, that fountain is probably one of a kind in surrounding like this. I’ll update the status over the weekend with the location and everyone who identified it.

Saturday Update: Thanks everyone for chiming in trying to identify the place. We have a few folks who knows this place, cakenessmonster, faithisinthelittlethings and David pointed out that it is in Charleston South Carolina, with David even pointing out one of my wife comments about how she would love to have a place there! Nice everyone!

Have a good weekend. We are probably going to make an overnight trip to Asheville, see what’s cooking down there.

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One day I want to go crabbing like that and when I have some catch go and cook it fresh.

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The White House

It is there, if you pay attention you’ll see it in one of the corners. While the house is fenced and surrounded by all kind of security, the green fields around it are available for everyone to enjoy. You’ll folks playing all kind of team sports and enjoy their time of work or school.

To see the details of those far away buildings click on the image to open it in higher resolution.


Friday Mystery Photo

oh my, sometimes it is not easy to make any of these posts, but cannot miss Friday. it is one of those days that our mystery photo must appear… so I had one… thankfully.

now it is your turn to tell us where it is

Update: and after almost one week absence I’m back. Thanks everyone for trying to identify the place of where it is. It is actually not anywhere in Europe. It is in old town San Juan Puerto Rico. It is located on the top of the church and I took it with long zoom lens.

Here I am - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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