This one is known by all of you. Even if you never been to Washington DC you probably seen this here and there. But it never gets old.

Abraham Lincoln - Click to see in Hi Resolution!!!

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7 Responses to Lincoln

  1. Very nice treatment…

  2. mvschulze says:

    Over the years I’ve got a fair amount of pictures of this guy in his memorial, but your’s is really good! M

  3. John says:

    Fabulous snap!!

  4. Haven’t been to Washington in a very long time – Thanks for taking me there once again.

  5. cerrosolo says:

    Hard to believe someone defaced it with green paint last month. I haven’t been over there in the last few weeks- hopefully they got it all off.

  6. lizangel92 says:

    One, if not the best President this nation has ever seen.

  7. What a great shot of an iconic man and and a testament to true artistry.

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