Grand Canyon

What a place! True to its name, it is Grand. None of the photos will ever do the justice to its size and expanse. You have to see it in person with your own eyes to appreciate its true magnificence. If you guys never been to it, you have to put on your bucket list and try to visit it. We were there last year only for one day, on the South Rim, not enough! I’d like to see it again with at least a few days of on site exploration and hiking. Visiting the North Rim would be awesome as well. But for now I’ll just look at this photo, as it will be my wall paper for the next few days!

Grand Canyon - Click to see in Hi Def!!!

20 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. Great picture. Also, interesting timing for me, as I am publish a post about a single day in 1967 when I first saw, and photographed the canyon, arriving at 1:30 AM to the North Rim as part of our cross country trip.

  2. The North Rim is a must! Take a bottle of wine, some welcomed company, and watch the sun set over the canyon (and take a flashlight for the walk back to your vehicle in the dark). Been to both Rims twice – each visit gives you a whole different look & experience. Wonderful photograph!

  3. I posted some beautiful paintings of this area in a series you may see on later today if you want to check in. thank you. I have been here and I loved it very much, I drank coffee from the little lodge, and I drank in the beauty everywhere around me and my family.

  4. I’m blessed to have visited it twice. It is indeed the GRAND canyon yet, as you said, no photo can truly and fully capture the magnificence and grandiosity of this beauty. This is an awesome photograph though! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! 🙂 NadineMarie

  5. Love this photograph! Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my latest post! Great work! I also appreciate that you shared the cameras that you worked with on your About Page!

  6. Beautiful! We visited the Grand Canyon for the first time in July (the South Rim). I expected to find it beautiful and interesting…but it was more grand then I could have imagined! Both my husband and I were just speechless but the beauty of it! We took a drive along the south rim and every time we got out it was another spectacular site. I look forward to visiting again someday and making our way to the North Rim.

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