Bit of Italy in Big Apple

Why go to Italy? Just stop by the Central Park in NYC and you can ride the same gondola as in Italy. Then head down to the Little Italy to get some Italian food.

Italy in NYC - click to see me in Hi Def!!!

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23 Responses to Bit of Italy in Big Apple

  1. swapnaraju says:

    vow..thats amazing.

  2. mbaldelli says:

    At least the smell in NYC isn’t quite as overpowering as it is in Venice.:D

  3. A Taste of Brazil says:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

  4. this gave me goosebumps. beautiful!!

  5. lidipiri says:

    Love this photo!!! A friend proposed to his girl on this lake in a gondola. They will always remember Central Park fondly.
    We have in Long Beach, CA gondola’s too.

  6. Amy says:

    Too beautiful! Riding the gondola in the Central Park (?)

  7. That is an absolutely amazing photo!

  8. paul says:

    Beautiful, the reflection looks stunning!

  9. This is amazing…we both posted on the same subject just a different city….great capture. I will have to give this one a try.

  10. soonie2 says:

    What a stellar image! Fantastic reflections!

  11. R2R-Ram says:

    Terrific dynamic it:-)

  12. Wow, I love this shot.

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