Roller Derby

If you follow me on Twitter then you’ll notice that last night I went to see Roller Derby. What a blast! I have never been to one before and all my knowledge about it was from watching a movie with Drew Barrymore, which was many years ago. My wife got us some tickets via Living Social and we decided to go and see it. I had no idea what to expect and if it would be any good, and oh boy, how awesome it was! You can seat on the floor right next to the yellow line and watch them in action from ten feet away. For the most of their bout I did not understand how they earn points, well, I still don’t, but that really didn’t matter. Watching them roller skating and audience screaming all over around us was an entertainment that I would repeat again and again.

And if you folks have a chance to see one, then go and do it! Time well spent.


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!


Roller Derby - Click to see me in hi def!

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5 Responses to Roller Derby

  1. The Grand Tour says:

    Looks exciting but I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on either!

  2. Awesome. I have added you on Twitter !

  3. Nice actions shots! Funny, on seeing the title of the post, but before reading the text, my first thought was of ‘Whip it’, which was on TV here the other night.

  4. I need to go see this sometime…watching roller derby seems like an activity that would go well with a few beers! Reminds me of the episode of king of the hill where peggy joins a roller derby team and eventually leads the team on a revolt against the owners 😀

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