Friday Mystery Photo

As we were crossing a street I spotted this art on the side of some kind of utility box. I told my wife: “Hey, look, they painted a toothless pike! Wow!” To which she responded that I must have had too many beers at the bar we just left. Of course, it is not a pike, but that that was the first thing I imagined when I saw it, as it reminded me of some Russian fairly tale children books, where pike was one of the main characters.

We both felt that it deserve a photo, thankfully I had my camera with me, already on a tripod.

Any one seen it and remember where it is? As always, I’ll update the post sometime this weekend with location and anyone who got it right.

Saturday Update: This one was a hard one guys. This week no one identified that you can see this art in the down town of Coeur d’Alene in Idaho. I’ll try to find something a bit easier and more known for next Friday.

Toothless Pike - Click to see me large!

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10 Responses to Friday Mystery Photo

  1. Reminds me of work I’ve seen in Seattle and Alaska. Jay

  2. Nikki says:

    Salmon, Idaho?

  3. John says:

    Tip of the hat to the artist, and to you for a great click. Beer is good. 🙂

  4. Could it possible be in the State of Washington or perhaps the Alaska Salmon run?

  5. Rajiv says:

    No idea where it is, but I love it

  6. that’s amazing, I love the colors

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