Look at Me Honey

Back in April I managed to stop by the DC Cherry Festival at the Tidal Basin and take a few photos. If you ever been to one of them you’ll know that it attracts many thousands of people, and if weather is good then even more. This year cherry trees didn’t bloom for many weeks due to the cold March and when they finally opened up it was a zoo around there.

I had my NEX camera with me and instead of doing a lot of cherry shots I took a few photos of the people taking cherry shots, or someone else with cherries in the background. He was trying hard. She seems to not care.

Washington DC Cherry Festival - Click to see in high def!

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10 Responses to Look at Me Honey

  1. John says:

    My wife gets rather cranky when I do this. 😉

  2. Rajiv says:

    Nice. is that you doing the photography?

  3. A Taste of Brazil says:

    Beautiful! This picture really gets you thinking…

  4. pary880 says:

    Love the mood in the picture…

  5. James Abbott says:

    The modern couple. I am surprised he isn’t using is smartphone to capture the shot!

  6. Shweta says:

    haha…but I like this candid pic that you took 🙂

  7. mbeephoto says:

    Hahahaha! Great shot! 😉

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